Next Step

Currently, Next Step unduplicated clients average 170 per month, making an average of 870 visits.  Drop-in Center clients are calculated at the same level, but service units are adjusted for the difference between our current 5 day operation and the 7 day operation specified by the RFP.


Welcoming all comers in the spirit of radical hospitality requires an organic and flexible approach to each individual.  We believe that CCCDC’s current methodology can effectively be tailored to this new platform – both for sheltering and for the Drop-in center.

  • New and existing clients will be welcomed by the Drop-in center.  We will use basic welcoming interviews for drop-in and Overflow guests to gather information needed to determine the best way forward for each.  Interviews will also be used to gather data required by HMIS and other reprting.
  • New clients will be assisted in gathering the documents necessary to establish eligibility and then connected to Center-based or community-based assistance and/or care management and supported through the connection process.  They may also choose to attend one of the ongoing programs offered by interns, volunteers, and community members designed to enhance basic life skills and encourage engagement with care management covering topics from stress reduction and anger management to problem solving and household budgeting.
  • New and Existing clients will be housed in the Interim or Overflow shelters.  Interim shelter guests will be screened, asked to shower and change into fresh clothes.  Clients determined to be chronically homeless will be connected to the Center Housing Works program and assisted with housing search.  Guests who are not eligible for the Center Housing Works program will be assisted with job training and placement or to secure entitlement income
  • Three meals a day will be served and all shelter service and Drop-in guests will be treated with respect and supported with compassionate care.